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What Others Are Saying

Today’s approach to fitness is not what it used to be. I’d been working out for a year and thought I had it all figured out…yeah right! There’s so much information out there that it just becomes noise. Von really gets it!

Todd C., Online Coaching Client

Over the months we worked together Von taught me how to be flexible with dieting, how to structure a quality custom routine and inspired myself to become a coach. Most importantly Von made sure I had fun and enjoyed my fitness journey.

Kyle, B., Online Coaching Client

I’ve been in the U.S. Army for ten years and have never scored a perfect score on my Army Physical Fitness test. After working out with him he not only help me scored that perfect score, but he also help me set personal record in deadlifts and squats. I went from struggling to deadlift 185lbs to three reps of 315lb. My squats went from 145lbs to 225lbs.

Dexter C., In-person Client

Who Is Slyvon Blanco?

Slyvon Blanco is a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, and a self-proclaimed lifehacker. He has a passion for showing people how to simplify their fitness, and has guided hundreds of clients in reaching their potential.

When not training, Von writes about flexible dieting, minimalist training, and life hacking. His work has been seen on websites like, STACK, Yahoo Sports, and Fitocracy.