Hi, I’m Slyvon

Some call me “Von”, others call me “Sly”. So I guess you can call me whatever you want.

I help people from all over the world in simplifying their fitness so they can get in the best shape of their lives while eating all their favorite foods and minimizing their gym time.

You might have seen some of my writing over at BodyBuilding.com, STACK, Yahoo Sports, and Fitocracy, but this site right here is my baby.

A Quick Transformation Story

You know, just a little bathroom selfie.

You know, just a little bathroom selfie.

So there’s something you need to know about me: I’ve never really been into fitness.

You see that guy on the left? Yep, that was me.

That was way before I lifted my first ever dumbbell. As you can see, I was a skinny twig.

Back then, you would have never seen me at the gym. Instead, you would have found me locked in my room playing Call of Duty or Halo all day and all night. That was my thing back then — geeking out on my computer and playing video games. Sure, you would have found me playing basketball somewhere, but you would never find me at the gym.

I was a big nerd (and still am).

It wasn’t until I started lifting weights that I realized leveling up in life was a lot better than leveling up in a game. It got addicting. Day in and day out, I went to the gym and lifted heavy shit. I saw my body slowly changing. I finally had muscle in my body, and people started to notice. It felt awesome.

From then on, becoming the strongest version of myself is what I’ve been striving for, and I never looked back.

A Confession

Here’s another thing you need to know about me: I’ve tried everything just to get to where I am now.

I mean, everything.

See, the thing that sucks about the fitness industry, which I’m sure you have experienced (or are currently experiencing) yourself, is that there’s just way too much information out there. I’ve read everything you can read about training and nutrition, watched hundreds of fitness-related YouTube videos, and tried all sorts of supplements and products.

Basically, I was my very own experimental guinea pig:

  • I’ve gained over 50lbs of muscle since Day 1, but also put on an excess amount of fat that covered it all up.
  • That said, I’ve leaned out to the point where I’d lose fat but also muscle, basically bringing me back to square one.
  • I’ve had my days of eating nothing but chicken, tilapia, broccoli, and sweet potatoes every single day for months and months because they said you should eat “clean”. It was  one of the most horrible experiences of my life.
  • I ate 6-7 meals a day — one every 2-3 hours — because they said it would “stoke your metabolism” and speed up results.
  • I stopped eating carbs completely because apparently it was the best way to lose fat.
  • I’ve spent THOUSANDS of dollars on useless supplements that didn’t do anything.

It wasn’t until I started to learn about the science of nutrition that I finally started to realize that there’s a more effective, simple, and sustainable approach to fitness.

Gone are the days where I would pack tupperwares of food just so I can eat every 2-3 hours. I also no longer have a diet of just chicken and broccoli. Instead, I’ve incorporated flexible dieting into my lifestyle so that I can still eat all my favorite foods while still keeping my six-pack.

The best part of it all? Being able to help hundreds of people from all over the world do the same thing.

My Philosophies

A few things about this site (and my philosophies):

  • I take a no-BS approach when it comes to fitness. Years of reading and self-experimentation has taught me how to identify what works and what doesn’t. There’s too much noise out there in the fitness industry, so it’s my job to do whatever it takes to simplify it for you.
  • Training should be fun. If it isn’t, you’re doing it wrong.
  • Whatever your fitness goals may be, you should still be eating your favorite foods. I am a big advocate of flexible dieting. Nobody should ever have to eat chicken and broccoli just to get in shape. There are too many good foods out there.
  • Fitness should be a part of life. It should never be your life.
  • Fitness should never make your life more complicated. If it is, you’re doing it wrong.
  • My all-time favorite exercises: push-ups and pull-ups. You can pretty much do them anywhere.

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