My name is Slyvon Blanco and I’m a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, online coach, and proud coffee addict.

I often talk about flexible dieting, minimalist training, and lifehacking. You might have seen some of my writing over at BodyBuilding.com, STACK, Yahoo Sports, and Fitocracy, but this site right here is my baby.

A Quick Transformation Story

You know, just a little bathroom selfie.

You know, just a little bathroom selfie.

You see that guy on the left? Yep, that was me.

That was way back when I was 18 years old, right before I lifted my first ever dumbbell. As you can see, I was a skinny twig. The picture on the right, meanwhile, was a progress picture I took sometime in the beginning of 2013.

My fitness journey began when I took a strength training class as a senior in high school. Before then, you would have never found me at the gym. Instead, you would have found me locked in my room playing Call of Duty or Halo all day and all night. That was my thing back then — video games and computers. Sure, you would have found me playing basketball somewhere because that was (and still is) my favorite sport. But you would never find me at the gym.

It wasn’t until I took that strength training class that I realized leveling up in life was a lot better than leveling up in a game. Day in and day out, I went to the gym and lifted heavy shit. I saw my body composition slowly changing. I finally had muscle in my body, and people started to notice. It felt awesome.

From then on, becoming the strongest version of myself is what I strived for.

I never looked back.

My Philosophies

A few things about this site (and my philosophies):

  • I take a no-BS approach when it comes to fitness. Years of reading and self-experimentation has taught me how to identify what works and what doesn’t. There’s too much noise out there in the fitness industry, so it’s my job to do whatever it takes to simplify it for you.
  • Training should be fun. If it isn’t, you’re doing it wrong.
  • I am a big advocate of flexible dieting. Nobody should ever have to eat chicken and broccoli all the time. There are too many good foods out there.
  • Fitness should be a part of life. It should never be your life.
  • Fitness should never make your life more complicated. If it is, you’re doing it wrong.
  • My all-time favorite exercises: push-ups and pull-ups. You can pretty much do them anywhere.
  • Want to learn more about me? Read this.

Questions? Feel free to ask me anytime through Twitter or the contact page.

– Von