Fuckarounditis: The Reason Why People Fail In Their Training Goals

Spend more than 5 minutes working out your abs? You don’t need to.

Lifting weights for the calorie burn? Stop.

Not experiencing some sort of discomfort while lifting? You’re not training hard enough.

Fuckarounditis. It’s the reason why over 90% of people that spend significant hours at the gym don’t see results, and chances are, you have this “disease”.

What exactly is this “disease”? Well to put it simply, Fuckarounditis is what most people do at the gym. Martin Berkham, a celebrity trainer and nutritionalist from Leangains, explains the phenomenon of Fuckarounditis. It’s a must-read eye-opening article, and I guarantee you that you’ll never go to the gym with the same mindset ever again after reading it. The article lists 25 common “symptoms” and behaviors associated with Fuckarounditis and what you need do to fix them. It’s not a short read, but if you’re someone that wants to see better results for the hard-work that you put in, then this is your solution.

Read Time: 5-10 Minutes