The Secret to Picking the Right Fish Oil

As most of us know, fish oil is one of the best supplements out there for people who want to shed a few pounds and to maintain optimal health. If you don’t currently own a fish oil supplement, you should certainly think of getting one soon. But since there are so many brands out there in the market, how do we know which one is the best to purchase?

When looking for a fish oil supplement, or any supplement for that matter, it’s important to first factor in the cost per serving of a product. You don’t want to get a fish oil product for example that costs $50 but only has 20 caps. That’s $2.50 per cap. Get something that has the best value per serving. That also applies to all other products that you purchase.

But the secret to choosing the right fish oil though is this: when looking at all the different fish oil bottles from all the different brands, ignore the front label; turn the bottle around and look at the ingredients in the back label. Look for the words EPA and DHA, and add the numbers together. That total number is the total milligrams you’re getting per serving. If the front label says 1500 mg and the total EPA and DHA in the back adds up to only 500 mg, that’s all that you’re getting. You would have to take some extra caps just to consume the recommended dose of 1-3 grams per day (1000-3000 milligrams). Choose a product that has the best value per serving AND has the most amount of EPA and DHA per serving.