Hammer Curls: The “Magic” Exercise That Develops Your Brachialis Muscle (Outer Biceps)

When it comes to working out the biceps most people forget to consider the brachialis, which is a small muscle underneath the biceps. It’s that little muscle that you see between your biceps and your triceps when you flex your arms. To fully develop your arms you must make sure to also exercise the brachialis muscle. If you want big guns, having developed brachialis will make your arms look more impressive when they are flexed.

How exactly do we make them bigger? Do the hammer curl exercise. If you’re not sure what hammer curls are, they are pretty similar to standing dumbbell curls but without twisting your wrists. You simply bring up the dumbbells straight up and down as if you’re holding a hammer.

If you don’t like doing hammer curls or just want to switch up the exercise, do wide-grip preacher curls. These simple exercises are your best bet when trying to develop the brachialis muscle. They also work out your main biceps and your forearms at the same time. So next time you go to the gym to workout your biceps, don’t forget your outer biceps!