Quick Steak and Broccoli Recipe

Steak and broccoli recipe

Want a quick cut-friendly steak recipe? In this meal, all you need is some steak and fibrous carbs of your choice. In this case we have chuck steak with broccoli and cauliflower.

How To Work Out From Home


Watch this dad as he teaches you how to work out from home without using ANY weights. All you need is a couple babies. You might have to borrow them from someone if you don’t have your own.

The “Secret” To Getting Six-Pack Abs

Six pack abs

How do I get a six-pack? What’s the best ab exercise? How many sets of crunches do I have to do to get a six-pack? These are the questions I hear all the time from people looking to get washboard abs. I get these questions asked in many different forms like the ones above, but I always give people the same answer…