Justin Krieger’s Skinny-To-Mass Transformation

How and When Did You Start Training?

I hate to say it but training for me started because of an ex girlfriend.

We broke up on January 2008 and I was left frustrated and sought a way to vent. I heard about weight training and anger complimenting each other. Plus, a couple of my friends had just started lifting and were making significant changes to their physiques.

I was sold into giving training a shot and haven’t looked back since.

What Does Your Training Routine Look Like?

My workout routine is always changing, but here’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

Monday: Chest

  • 4x Barbell press
  • 5x Incline barbell press
  • 4x Incline dumbbell flys
  • 3x Cable cross-over’s
  • 3x Dips

Tuesday: Back

  • 6x Deadlifts
  • 4x Rackpulls
  • 3x T-Bar rows
  • 3x Seated low cable row
  • 3x Lat pull downs
  • 3x Reverse pec deck

Wednesday: Legs

  • 3x Barbell squats
  • 3x Leg press
  • 3x Leg extension
  • 4x hack squat
  • 5x Seated hamstring curl
  • 5x Seated calf raises
  • 4x Donkey calf raises

Thursday: Shoulders/Traps

  • 4x Military press
  • 5x Upright rows
  • 4x Dumbbell lateral raises
  • 3x Dumbbell front delt raises
  • 3x Reverse pec deck
  • 5x Barbell shrugs
  • 4x Cable shrugs

Friday: Bi’s/Tri’s

  • 6x Barbell curl
  • 5x Incline dumbbell curls
  • 4x Preacher curls
  • 3x Hammer curls
  • 6x Tricep EZ bar push down
  • 5x Weighted tricep dips
  • 4x Skull crushers
  • 3x Rope extensions
  • 3x Dumbbell kickbacks

Saturday: Rest

Subday: Fasted Cardio

What Is Your Approach On Nutrition?

I have a fairly fast metabolism and can stay lean almost effortlessly. I don’t watch any macros but protein. That means I eat basically whatever I want but ensure that I’m getting an adequate amount of protein (1-2g/lb) for muscle building. When going for an ultra shredded look I’ll dive into keto for a month or two.

Heres a day of eating (excluding snacks in between meals such as cookies and chips):

  • Breakfast: None
  • Pre-workout: 2 scoops C4, 2 scoops Con-Crēt
  • Workout (sipping on 3 scoops of Scivation Xtend)
  • Meal 1: Pwo 2 scoops whey
  • Meal 2: Taco Bell (XXL Steak Burrito and Beefy Crunch Burrito)
  • Meal 3: 1 Scoop Whey and Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts
  • Meal 4: Double Whataburger with Fries, Powerade, and Cinnamon Roll
  • Meal 5: 1 Scoop Whey

Obviously this isn’t what I eat everyday. It was a day of eating this week, but everything still fit into my calories and macros. Don’t stress over clean eating, it won’t last long.

What Supplements Do You Take?

I only take a few supplements, and they are:

Your #1 Tip To Get An Aesthetic Physique?

Figure out your body and adjust accordingly. Not everyone can have a relaxed diet like I do. Everyone’s body is different. Figure out what works for you (keto, carb cycling, dreamer diet) and take off.

Favorite Quote?

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”

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