GOMAD: How To Gain Weight Fast By Drinking Milk

To gain weight and get bigger, we all know that you must eat more than you normally do. In addition to resistance training at the gym, a proper diet is required to get results. In order to bulk up you must eat at least 500 calories over your maintenance, that’s why you need to make sure that you’re always reaching your required calories everyday. But for a lot of people, especially the skinny teenagers who are just starting out, eating enough food on a daily basis can be hard.

That’s where GOMAD comes in. It’s a fast, easy, and cheap way of gaining weight naturally. Any hard-gainer out there can gain weight with GOMAD.

What Is GOMAD?

The protocol is simple. Drink a gallon of WHOLE milk a day. Keyword whole. Not 2% or non-fat milk. Whole milk is packed with calories and macronutrients. One serving (one cup) for example has 150 calories: 8g of fat, 12g of carbs, and 8g of protein. Drink the whole gallon and you have yourself 2,400 calories: 128g of fat, 192g of carbs, and 128g of protein. That’s a lot of calories.

But I’m going to tell you right now, you don’t need to drink a gallon of milk a day in order to gain weight. That’s absurd. Instead, I’ll show you a more practical way of incorporating GOMAD into your regular diet without having to actually drink a whole jug.

Who Is It For?

GOMAD is for anyone looking to put on some weight. It’s perfect for teenage guys who can barely see any changes in the scale and in the mirror. But it’s also for anyone else (young or old). Basically, if you want to put on some mass, this is for you.

Benefits of GOMAD and Why It Works

GOMAD has been going around for years now because of the simple fact that it works. Here are some key points you need to know:

  • High In Nutrients. Milk contains a good amount of protein, carbs, and fat, but it’s also high in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
  • Easy To Consume. Unlike foods, there’s no need to prepare or cook it. Just open the cap and drink from a cup.
  • Strength Gains. Your muscle and strength gains will increase because of its high protein and fat content.
  • Weight Gains. Gaining weight, muscle especially, has never been easier. You will put on some fat as well, but that’s inevitable whenever you want to bulk up.
  • Protein Synthesis. A study has been done that consuming milk post-workout after resistance training stimulates protein synthesis.
  • Safe. If drinking milk wasn’t safe, we wouldn’t be feeding it to babies. You’d only be doing this while you bulk up anyway. And if you’re scared of any side effects, don’t worry, you wouldn’t actually be drinking a whole gallon of milk every day if you follow my suggestion below.

How to Use GOMAD Without Actually Drinking A Whole Gallon

Drinking a gallon of milk a day is insane. That’s 2,400 calories in a jug. The weight you put on is going to be mainly fat if you don’t track your calories. Here’s my advice to you (and this is what I did that helped me get to where I am now)…

  1. Drink milk only when you need to. Too busy with school or work to make a meal? Down about 4 cups of milk. That’s an easy 600 calories (32g fat, 45g carbs, 32g protein) right there that took only a few seconds to consume. Is it the end of the day and you still haven’t reached your required calories? Then drink all the milk you need to reach those calories.
  2. Figure out how many calories you need to consume. Don’t start GOMAD unless you know how much calories you actually need to consume. Everyone’s calorie requirements are different. You first need to learn how to calculate your required calories.
  3. Add milk into your meals. You don’t want to be bloated 24/7 by chugging milk every chance you get. I get my milk intake on my first meal of the day, post-workout, and right before bed.
  4. Track your calories. Like I said before, you don’t actually need to drink a gallon of milk a day unless you need to. That’s why it’s important to track your calories to know where you are for a specific day. Use these calorie counting iPhone apps if you have an iPhone.

So the key thing to remember is to drink a lot of milk, but not too much. Use it right and you’ll be moving the scale faster than ever.