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Oh hi.

Coach Slyvon here, Chief Fitness Simplifier of Von Blanco Fitness.
I know you have other more important things to do, so I’ll get to the point…
I have no “free PDF cheatsheat” for you to download today.
No nutrition “hack” for you to try.
No hype or promise of anything unrealistic just to sell you my services.
I have no supplements to sell.
And I won’t be showing you “before & after” pics of my coaching clients to try and impress you (I’m sure you see a lot of that already).
My style — surprise, surprise — goes against the grain of what most health & fitness gurus teach.
Put it this way: you won’t need to do all sorts of nonsense things and buy all sorts of stuff to understand my approach when it comes to fitness.
You don’t need to give up *any* foods (especially your favorite stuff)…
Or go to the gym every day day of the week…
Or do any cardio on the treadmill (I’m not a big fan of those things anyway)…
I work out just 3 or 4 times a week for about 45-60 minutes each, eat all my favorite foods on a regular basis, and do zero cardio (except for when I play basketball).
As a minimalist, I like to keep things simple by taking a “less but better” approach.
I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not be stressed out and overwhelmed all the time. 
I’ve been there, done that.
So instead, I put all my energy into doing the small number of things that are actually proven to work, and intentionally ignore all the trends and fads that are popping up everywhere.
You see, when you’ve got a life to live and would rather spend time doing more important things…
…stressing out over minor details that don’t have much of a return just isn’t worth it.
So what’s my SECRET?
Honestly? I wish I had one, but I don’t. 
(If I did, I’d gladly whisper it in your ear.)
But here’s what I can tell you: stop focusing on the minor details that don’t matter.
Eating well + Lifting weights + Consistency = [insert your goal here]
There’s more to it than just that, of course, but that’s basically the gist of it.
What I’m getting at is this: stick to the basics. 
Pass, catch, and shoot. Don’t dunk when you don’t need to (but that WOULD be pretty awesome, not gonna lie).
Getting to where you wanna be isn’t about doing “fat shredding” exercises or taking 20,000 daily steps or burning as many calories as possible in your workouts or eating superfoods or going Paleo/Atkins/Keto/vegan or taking supplements or avoiding sugars/carbs/fats or eating “clean” (whatever that even means).
It’s about doing the right things (hint: you already know what most of them are), and doing them right *most* of the time. 
Seriously. That’s 90% of it.
If you go out and party from time to time… miss a workout… or eat like crap after a stressful day at work… you’ll still make progress as long as you do everything else right.
So if I were you, I’d double-down on the basics & fundamentals and ease up on the other nonsense that’s being thrown at you.
Anyway, here’s why I’m telling you this:
If you’re like me and you want to achieve more with less effort; have more control in your life instead of chaos; and enjoy fitness instead of dreading it … I think I can help.
I’ve tried it all, researched it all, and bought it all. 
Some things worked, some didn’t. But the reality is, you don’t need to do so many things and waste so much time just to get in awesome shape.
If you want to take me up on it, I put together a free 5-day email course called Simplify Your Fitness that’ll show you how to… well, simplify your fitness LOL.
At the end of this page you’ll see an opt-in box. Enter your best email, click the blue button, and you’ll recieve your next set of instructions.
It’s free, by the way. 
If you want to work together in the future and get extra guidance in taking your body to the next level, that’s certainly an option. But right now, don’t even worry about that.
As soon as you enter your best email, you’ll get a new lesson every day for the next few days. During this time, I want you to stop consuming other fitness-related information, and put your focus in these emails.
Got it?
Oh, and one more thing: if you’re not feeling it, there’s an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every email I send. Click it and you’ll never hear from me again.

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Hi, I'm Slyvon.

I Help People Simplify Their Fitness.

You can call me Sly. Or Von.

I’m an online fitness coach and writer — I write about actionable fitness stuff thats actually practical in the real world.

Because the way I see it, you should never have to ditch your favorite foods or spend countless hours in the gym just to get in the best shape of your life.

Outside of fitness, I’m a nomad, foodie, and a self-proclaimed lifehacker.