Body Scans of 250 Pound Woman Vs. 120 Pound Woman

The difference between a 250 pound woman and a 120 pound woman might be very obvious on the outside, but take a look at what they look like on the inside. This body scan comparison clearly shows the distinctions between the two.

On the 250 pound woman you can see the lower bone density, the fatty heart, the low percentage of muscle, the size of the intestinal tract, and even the enormous amount of fat around the waist. The list just goes on and on. If looking in the mirror doesn’t motivate you to want to lose fat, hopefully this will.


  1. Sorien says

    God, thx, you really helped me lose weight. Looking back at my old round body, bulgy fat everywhere, it was gross! But I lost 200 pounds, now weighing around 102 lbs. I am 5’2, not very tall-pretty short, age 18. I use to wear a size 12, now I wear a size 0-2. I’m very happy now, keeping a healthy diet and working out four times a week, it’s great to be so fit and skinny!

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